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The Poxy Boggards are available for concert venue booking and private events.

If you would like to book us, please email Stu Venable at Please do not use the comment feature, as it is rarely checked.

**Please read the information below before emailing us, especially if this is for a private event.

If You Are a Venue Talent Buyer or Management for a Headlining Act

The Poxy Boggards are available as headliners and local support (opening act).

As a headlining act, we generally draw between 300-500 given enough time to market the show. We normally only play a couple of these kinds of shows a year. They are generally local to the Los Angeles/Orange County area. We are normally okay with some sort of ticket price split and a split of the door. We have contacts for several acts that do a good job opening for us.

As an opener, we can draw anywhere between 75-200, depending on the timing and location. We normally negotiate a ticket price split for these gigs.

We require 18 channels and like to have 3-4 monitor mixes. We have our own mics, stand, cables and monitors if needed.

If You’re Organizing a Private Event

Before we can give you a quote to hire you for a private event, we need to know the following information:

  1. Location of the show.
  2. Time and date of the show.
  3. Approximate performance time.
  4. Whether or not we require sound reinforcement (amplification).
  5. Any special requests (costumes, specific songs, etc.)
If you don’t know this information, we cannot give you an answer on our price or availability. Many of our members have other outside obligations and we cannot commit to a gig unless we know when, where, how long, etc.
All that said, our base price for a performance is about $1200, and it goes up from there.
While we appreciate offers of invitation to parties, free beer and food, this won’t in any way guarantee a show.

One comment

  1. Pete Brooker says:

    Discovered you guy’s today – just brilliant. Love your song: ‘All the Night Long’ any change you could email the lyrics to me? Manage to write most of the words from listening to Youtube but can’t quite hear them all.

    I’m with a band called ‘Swinging the Lead’ based in
    England. We perform shanties and maritime folk music in pubs and at festivals in the UK.

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