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Five Reasons You Should Go to Bogfest — Number 3 Will Floor You…

hqdefaultDid that cheesy headline get you to click on this? It did? Shame on us!

So … you really want to read a list? Okay, I’m just spitballin’ here, but let’s see if we can come up with five reasons.

First, here are the details: BogFest is  Saturday, April 26th, at the Doubletree hotel at 924 W Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA. Downbeat will hit around 8pm.

Here’s your list…

One: Faire will be exactly half over.

Our beloved Renaissance Faire only runs for seven fleeting weekends. Seeing that this coming weekend is the fourth weekend, and the show is after Saturday, that would by our calculation be the half-way point. Think of BogFest as a Hump Day celebration. Or better yet — a reminder to get ye to the Faire (if you haven’t been yet) — it’s half over, knave! If you wait much longer, you’ll miss it.

Two: The Boggards never smell better than they do at BogFest.

Nearly every Boggard rushes from the Faire to get quickly to the Monrovia Doubletree to shower and change before the show. Yes, you heard us right: shower! Some of us even use soap. We then put on clothes that we haven’t been wearing for four weekends. Don’t believe me? Give us a sniff.

bogfest-300x200Three: It’s free.

This is the 20th BogFest. In that time we have never charged for the show. Ever. BogFest is our way of saying “thank you” to those of you who buy our CDs, tell your friends about us and come to our shows. (kisses). I know, that’s not really floor-worthy material. I *did* say I was spitballin’.

Four: New songs?

That’s right, we have three new songs and we’re going to attempt to perform some or all of them at BogFest 20.

Five: Old Favorites

You know that one song you heard us do 18 years ago, and we’ve never performed it since? If you come to BogFest, we just might do it. Then again, we might not.

The Details!

The show is this Saturday, April 26th, at the Doubletree hotel at 924 W Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA. Downbeat will hit around 8pm.

Join us at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire


The first two weekends are behind us. There are only five more weekends left!

Don’t miss out on the hi-jinks and harmonies of your favorite drinking group with a singing problem.

We’ll be at the Rogues Reefe Stage at:

12 Noon; 1:30pm; 4:00pm

And at the Golden Jubilee Stage at:


From weekend to weekend things change, and so might our stage schedule, so check back here on the days you attend the Faire.


The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is Almost Upon Us!

bogatfairWe are about two weeks away from the opening of the 53rd Anniversary Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, California.

We’ve been working up material all Fall and Winter and we’ll be debuting songs throughout opening weekend.

The Faire runs seven weekends starting April 5th. For more information, go to

Join us for a day (or several days) of drink, revelry and song!