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Our Show Schedule

photo1Join us at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire for seven weekend of hi-jinks, song and revelry.

We’ll be at theĀ Rogues Reefe Stage at:

12 Noon; 1:30pm; 4:00pm

And at the Golden Jubilee Stage at:


From weekend to weekend things change, and so might our stage schedule, so check back here on the days you attend the Faire.

Faire 2014 Stage Schedule



The Boggards Show Schedule

Here’s our stage schedule for the run:
12:00pm — Rogues Reefe Stage
1:30pm — Rogues Reefe Stage
4:00pm — Rogues Reefe Stage
5:30pm — Golden Jubilee Stage

Our Rogues Reefe sets are a bit salty and are not for the young nor faint-of-heart. We suggest a minimum age of 17.

At our Golden Jubilee song set we tone down the bawdiness and sing out the end of the day.

The 52nd Renaissance Pleasure Faire runs weekends, April 5th though May 18th. More information about the Faire is available at

The Faire is Half Over!


Faire is more than half over.

There are only SIX MORE DAYS (three more weekends) left for you to attend the 51st Annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

If you haven’t made it out yet, time is slipping away. You don’t want to miss this season.

So mark your calendar for one of the following dates: May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19. Hell, mark your calendar for all of them.

Here’s our schedule:

12:00 Noon – Rogues’ Reefe
1:30pm – Rogues’ Reefe
4:00pm – Rogues’ Reefe
5:30pm – Golden Jubilee