Meet the Band

The ranks of the Poxy Boggards shrink and well much like their waistbands. Here is the current lineup:



Name: Stu
Nickname: Nothing sticks, nothing will. The Teflon(tim) Boggard.
Sings: 2nd Baritone and sometime Bass
Plays: Upright Bass
Stu founded the band in 1993 with then roommate Bill. Former bouzouki player.  Songwriter. Recording engineer. In his spare time he plays with his kids, writes and hosts a very successful weekly table top RPG podcast.
Name: Bill
Nickname: Captain Black
Sings: Baritone
Plays: Whistles
Bill founded the band with then roommate Stu.
Name: Jerry
Answers to: Mudge
Sings: Tenor
Plays: Sackbut
Jerry was one of the six original Boggards, and is often the grumpiest.
Name: Stork
Answers to: Stork
Sings: Bass
Plays: Recorder
Name: John
Answers to: John
Sings: Baritone
Plays: Whistles
Name: Steven
Answers to: Hymen
Sings: Tenor
Plays: Mandolin
Name: Wes
Answers to: Bunghole
Sings: Baritone
Plays: Guitar
Name: Sean
Answers to: Lurch
Sings: Bass
Plays: Whistles
Name: Phil
Answers to: Schmeg
Sings: Tenor
Plays: Field Drum
gapingmaw Name: Bruce
Answers to: Sweet Lips
Sings: Baritone
Bruce began performing at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 1995, spending a decade or so singing, gambling, and causing general mayhem in the St. Michael’s military guild.  In 2005, he joined some good friends to help found the Country Garden Dancers dance group.  After seven years of pole dancing and acting on stage, Bruce has joined another group of good friends, the World Famous Poxy Boggards, to entertain and offend a whole new demographic of the Faire.

Outside of the Renaissance Faire scene, Bruce is a freakishly avid RPG fanatic (What Up Happy Jack’s RPG?!), an occasional Rock Band party-goer, and a professional Engineer.

578592_3872951551060_1496813775_3398829_1264836930_n Name: Matt
Answers to: the Princess
Sings: Baritone
Coming from a musical family, Matt has been performing since the age of four.  His varied experience has included Community Theater Musicals, Classical Choirs, Devotional Choirs, solo Recital work, and even Christmas Caroling, but please don’t hold any of that against him. He discovered a love of Celtic folk music in his teens, drawing influence from Loreena McKennit, Blackthorn and more recently, the Merry Wives of Windsor and the Poxy Boggards.  Matt is excited to learn new music and thrilled to be able to sing with a group as storied the Boggards.


  1. Leann Barth says:

    Hi!!! Just wanted to say “hi!” I don’t know if you remember me Mr. Wilson, but I’m Leann, Emily’s best friend in the whole wide world from middle school (Odyssey Charter). Wanted to let you know that my fiancee Brandon Thrower really likes your music, and I am looking forward to taking him to see you guys, hopefully next year.

  2. nick says:

    I don’t know if you guys will remember me, haven’t been to faire since 2000. John and Stork should know my face if you look at my facebook page, Nick Lorance

    I have recently sold a story to the Grantville Gazette, and when I was writing the sequel, I had a picture of my band singing ‘Captain Jack’s Undrinkable Ale’, of which I remembered only the barn yard romance verse.

    May I have your permission to add that verse to the one I am writing now? With attribution. I.E., the singer will introduce it as having been performed by you, and will only quote that one verse.

    If the answer is no, I will merely say they sang your song, just leave out the verse.

  3. David Parker says:

    Hey just wanted to give you guys a shout. Doubt if you will remember me but usually had my young son with me who loved all your songs, memorized them and usually sang them while we were doing gate security in the mornings when the Faire opened. I remembered the night you held your concert in the nearby pub warning them to do a double order due to the expected crowd and we drank them dry. Even had a person from Faire jump back to help the bartenders keep up with the orders. Also, your first live concert held in Orange County in the dinner theatre. In Long Beach, I handed Johnny, who wrote “Hey Nonny Nonny”, my FULL WINE SKIN and handed it back dry as dirt. In Virginia now, if they have a Faire here, I will recommend they book you if it does not conflict with the regular Faire schedule.

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